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Town & Country Training Area


"Train - Don't Complain!"

   Providing training to your dog is one of the most important things owners can do for their pets. A well-trained dog is a joy to live with and is pleasant for your neighbors and visitors to be around.

    It is never too late to train a dog. We recommend that you start training your puppy as soon as you get him or her home, but older dogs can start in basic training and do very well.

   At Town & Country, our qualified trainers offer years of experience in training and showing dogs. We offer group classes and private lessons, as well as behavioral consultations. We can also train your dogs while they are boarding.

   Training takes place in a spacious, fully heated/air-conditioned, indoor training room, free of distractions; and in a large, fenced-in, outdoor agility field, which is fully lighted for night classes.

   We offer a variety of classes in obedience, agility and conformation. We stress positive reinforcement that motivates the dog to want to work for you because they enjoy it. You are welcome to sit in on our classes to observe before you start.

   Classes are six (6) consecutive weeks in duration, meeting one hour each week. New classes begin every eight to ten (8-10) weeks!

   If you would like to consult with one of our trainers, call the office and we will arrange for them to contact you.

Sign up for one of our Training Courses today! Contact us at 919-387-7833

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